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Posts tagged "wrongful death"

Late-night Baton Rouge accident claims life of pedestrian

A late-night car accident in Baton Rouge recently claimed the life of a pedestrian trying to cross a busy highway. According to the police officials, the accident took place at in a busy area of Airline Highway shortly after midnight.

Grieving family sues doctor for medical malpractice

The grieving family members of a deceased man have filed a lawsuit against a doctor and medical insurance company. The lawsuit, which alleges that medical malpractice involving a house call occurred, has been filed by the deceased's widow and son against the doctor and Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Co. According to the lawsuit, the widow and son claimed that the deceased was a long-time patient of the accused doctor. The deceased fell at his house and was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, where he was diagnosed with fractured ribs.

Multivehicle accident on Interstate 10 claims 2 lives

Car accidents sadly occur throughout Louisiana on a regular basis. While many are only minor fender benders that result in only property damage or minor physical injuries, they can at times result in more serious injuries, even death. A multivehicle accident that resulted in death occurred Friday morning. The incident occurred on the westbound lane of Interstate 10.

Lawsuit filed after patient's artery damage goes undiagnosed

When it comes to medical treatments, many Louisiana residents just rely on the fact that their doctor has gone to medical school and has the expertise to make the right calls. However, the truth is that doctors do sometimes make mistakes, which can not only jeopardize a patient's health -- but in some cases can even lead to their death.

Cyclist left unprotected in New Orleans auto collision

A motor vehicle accident occurred in New Orleans just over a week ago that left a motorcyclist unprotected during the collision, causing him to lose his life as a result of the injuries suffered in the crash.

Louisiana considering changing cell phone law for drivers

A Louisiana State Representative hit by a driver on her cell phone has introduced a bill that would limit the use of a cell phone to a hands free device while behind the wheel. Representative Regina Barrow was stopped at a red light when a woman, who admitted she was talking on her cell phone, rammed into the back of her vehicle with her children in the back seat. The woman said she didn't realize the light was still red.

Hayride accident in Louisiana tied to fraternity hazing

A New Orleans family filed a wrongful death suit against Nicholls University in Thibodaux, Louisiana concerning the death of their son who attended classes at the college. The accident occurred when the young man fell off of a hayride during homecoming activities.

Family sues for wrongful death from medication error

The family of a deceased 76-year-old woman is suing five doctors, two nurses and a hospital claiming that the woman died after a nurse gave her a deadly amount of the blood thinning drug, Lepirudin. The family now plans on filing a wrongful death lawsuit for an unspecified amount.

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